While Mandarin Patinkin, the Mandarin duck that arrived in Central Park in early October, has become a legitimate New York City star... did you know that there have been Mandarin ducks in Prospect Park this whole time? It's true. Brooklyn was into Mandarin ducks before you even knew what one was.

The Brooklyn ducks were brought in for Prospect Park's Zoo, however, whereas Mandarin Patinkin is a, ahem 🎶free bird 🎶who comes and goes whenever he damn well pleases. This makes him slightly more magical.

Still, let's acknowledge these Brooklyn Mandarin ducks, which made their way to Twitter today:

Note on the above tweet: The Mandarin ducks at the Prospect Park Zoo have been there for years. David Barrett, a birder who runs Manhattan Bird Alert, told us, "There might not be anything new here. [That photo] shows only one male Mandarin... And we already knew that Prospect Zoo had a pair." So, there's nothing to see here unless you had no idea that Brooklyn had its own Mandarin ducks.

Max Pulsinelli, a spokesman for the Wildlife Conservation Society, which oversees the Prospect Park Zoo, was unable to offer any information on the zoo's Mandarin ducks, including how long they have been there, if they have names, if they ever leave and return, and how many there are total.

Seems like they're missing a real press opportunity not hyping up these Mandarin ducks amidst NYC's ongoing Mandarin mania.

UPDATE: Pulsinelli did not answer our questions, but did send out a press release on where to find Mandarin ducks in zoos around NYC.