2005_11_youme.jpgWhile perusing flickr's Canon 20D Group earlier today, Gothamist stumbled upon a short that was taken entirely with a Canon 20D. The short, entitled "Between You and Me" is by Patryk Rebisz and won Best Cinematography at the Gotham City Short Film Festival award this year. The result is a movie made of images that reminds us of stop motion animation.

Rebisz's site describes the film as:

A girl on her day off takes a hike through the streets of New York. As she runs she takes photographs of stuff on her way. She's assaulted in the evening and looses the camera. The "good guy" who tried to save her uses the camera as his only clue to where she might live.

From the looks of it, the film was shot in Long Island City and Greenpoint by Krebisz.

So dSLR owners, don't be upset that you can't take movie clips with your camera. All you have to do is spend a lot of time editing your successive pictures together into a story. Besides, those movie clips certainly aren't as good in quality as Krebisz's film.