If you were watching CSI: Miami last night, you would have noticed that next week's episode takes place in New York, with David Caruso running to get a bad guy or his post NYPD Blue career back. Oh, wait, it was to get viewers excited for CSI: New York. Gothamist is still bitter that the show isn't filming in New York, citing expense. Which makes Gothamist wonder how much Gary Sinise (who will be playing Detective Mac Taylor) really costs. And fie on you, Jerry Bruckheimer, for casting the radiant Melina Kanakaredes to try and win us over. It does look like there will be some nice shots of the city, but still, we're not biting.

The crew of CSI: New York might be a bunch of novices: The Daily News reported on a CSI: NY PA who "vainly called out, 'Quiet!' as the No. 1 train clattered by on an elevated track." Silly PA - subways are for commuters.