Oh damn! The beautiful and strange Broken Angel building in Clinton Hill seems to be on fire! Brooklyn Record has the first shot-- is anyone in the area available to snap a few pictures of the damage? The building is on the corner of Downing and Quincy-- we're not going to be able to bike down there for at least a few hours.

Update: according to the Gothamist Newsmap, it's an all-hands call for the FDNY. Not surprising, given the all wood materials used in the top part of the building. The only question is how the firefighters are going to get in to fight the fire-- the building can't be safe to enter with heavy equipment.

Update: via Gothamist Contribute: "I called in to report the fire when I saw a little flame there at about 1:00. By the time the FD showed up, one of the top towers was pretty much engulfed in flame. They got a ladder truck up and sprayed it down and it's been out for about half an hour now. Photos on flickr momentarily."

Update, as promised, the photos have begun to arrive-- damage looks confined to the upper turrets of the tower. This one is by Reidab:


Update: Reidab also posted an account of the fire-- sounds like the FDNY saved the day:

The FD turnout was impressive. I think there were seven engines on surrounding streets within five minutes. By the time they arrived, the flames had grown to engulf the entirety of the upper tower. Soon, a bucket truck was up and they hosed down the tower continuously for several minutes, mostly extinguishing the fire.

There was still a small bit of the tower burning after the initial spray was shut off, but it remained tiny and didn’t spread. Some firefighters entered the structure and, after they emerged, a second round of spraying took care of the last bits of smoldering.