This club has everything...well, technically, we have no idea what exactly is inside the club. Because the club, in this case, is hidden behind a closed door on a nondescript subway platform. And while we don't know what the password is for this hot new squeakeasy, we do know that there are at least a half dozen rats clamoring to get inside the party, so it must be pretty good. And by "pretty good," we mean, "something so horrible that it will make you scream like Nicolas Cage in Mandy."

The rats were spotted by Kate L. earlier this month around 9 p.m. at the Jay Street-MetroTech station in Brooklyn. She was standing on the downtown A/C/F platform when she spotted the rats scurrying on the uptown platform across the way. "It started with about five rats and got up to like 10 or more. They just kept showing up," she told Gothamist. "From what we could see, none of them were actually successful in getting into the door/grate."

"I've seen rats on the subway platform plenty of times, but have literally never seen anything like this before," she said. "If I was on that side of the platform I definitely would have run away. They were incessant, just jumping on each other...easily one of the most horrifying subway rat encounters I've seen."

So what's behind the mysterious door? Our best guess and the obvious, and most likely, answer is that it's a closet where the MTA stores trash, since the only thing rats love more than the smell of trash is a mountain of trash that is just out of the reach of their tiny little claw hands.

Apropos of nothing in particular...whatever happened to those revolting rat traps?