Remember how last November, a Goya painting en route to the Guggenheim's Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso show was stolen? The painting, which belongs to the Toledo Museum of Art, was pilfered near Scranton, Pennsylvania outside the Howard Johnson the drivers were staying. There were concerns that the painting was nicked in an inside job, but luckily it was found in New Jersey, with the FBI calling it a "typical New Jersey cargo theft" (think of any mob movie or show you've seen where the crews are lifting shipments).

The painting was returned to the Toledo Museum after its recovery, but now Goya's "Children with a Cart" has finally made it to the Big Apple. The Guggenheim's director, Lisa Dennison said its current security procedures would remain in place after a review, “I think it was an unfortunate incident. But any time an incident like this happens it’s a chance to review the procedures.”

El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth and History runs through March 28. You can listen to samples of the audio tour here. And the FBI is still looking for the thieves.

Photograph of Spanish cultural minister Carlos Alberdi Alonso, left, Guggenheim Museum director Lisa Dennison, center, and Toledo Museum of Art director Don Bacigalupi at the Guggenheim's unveiling of "Children with a Cart" by Kathy Willens/AP