2006_11_goya.jpgA painting by Goya headed to the Guggenheim from the Toledo Museum of Art was stolen last week. A "professional art transporter" was couriering the painting for the Guggenheim's "Spanish Painting: From El Greco to Picasso" show when it somehow disappeared in Scranton, Pennsylvania. If he existed, you know Dwight Schrute would be all over this.

The two museums and the FBI have released information about the theft in hopes of getting tips, what with a $50,000 reward. The museums also emphasize the painting "would be virtually impossible to sell and therefore has no value on the open market" - therefore, don't even think about it. The FBI will release more details if the tips don't pan out.

The painting is called "Children with a Cart," and it was painted "as a tapestry cartoon for the Royal Tapestry Factory," according to the NY Sun. And the El Greco to Picasso exhibit opens this Friday at the Guggenheim.