We dreamed a dream Les Miz had closed! That we were done with it forever. But there are dreams that cannot be! And there are tourist bucks to gather.

Yes, though the revival of the ne plus ultra schlocky 80's musical Les Miserables only closed five years ago (which was five years after the 1987 original Broadway production closed) it is coming back. You can thank Catwoman and Wolverine for this. Thanks to the popularity of the Oscar-nominated, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman-starring film version of the incredibly depressing story of poor French people the show's producer, Cameron Mackintosh, is bringing the Cosette & Co. out for another day at the ramparts. But this time things will be slightly different.

Unlike the last two Broadway productions this version won't include a spinning set. Instead

. The new version, which has been touring the United States for two years, also features redesigned scenery based on Victor Hugo’s paintings for his original novel, as well as new orchestrations that, as Mr. Mackintosh said, “get away from the crude electric-piano sound of the original.” And the staging is also different, with an emphasis on the gritty lot of the 19th century downtrodden in France; the directors are Laurence Connor and James Powell.

Though Mackintosh has done no marketing research to show that theatergoers are foaming at the mouth to [SPOILER ALERT?] watch Fantine and nearly everyone else die one more day, his very wealthy gut tells him they are. As long as Miss Saigon isn't next to come back, okay?