Artist Noah Fischer has started a new movement, with the blessing of Occupy Wall Street’s Art and Culture group, called Occupy Museums. He told ArtInfo, that it's "definitely not just my personal project, it’s broadly part of the Occupy Movement’s aim to claim back the commons back from the 1%—from economic justice to public space, to art.” So, what is it? The entire outline of the project, as well as the schedule the occupiers are following for Day 1 (today), can all be found here, but here's the gist:

We see through the pyramid schemes of the temples of cultural elitism controlled by the 1%. No longer will we, the artists of the 99%, allow ourselves to be tricked into accepting a corrupt hierarchical system based on false scarcity and propaganda concerning absurd elevation of one individual genius over another human being for the monetary gain of the elitest of elite. For the past decade and more, artists and art lovers have been the victims of the intense commercialization and co-optation or art. We recognize that art is for everyone, across all classes and cultures and communities. We believe that the Occupy Wall Street Movement will awaken a consciousness that art can bring people together rather than divide them apart as the art world does in our current time.

The organizers say there is an "absolute equation of art with capital" in the world, and are now taking aim at museum boards in an effort to "bring forth an era of new art, true experimentation outside the narrow parameters set by the market."

They're taking to the streets today, with plans to meet at Zuccotti Park at 3 p.m. After a teach-in there, statements will be read over a Livestreamed broadcast, and then by 5 p.m. they'll be Occupying MoMA, followed by the Frick (6 p.m.), followed by the New Museum (7 p.m.). (It doesn't really seem like they're leaving enough time for commutes here!) We've contacted the museums for their comments, and will update when we hear back.