Yes! The New York Observer has TWO articles about how The O.C. is kind of over right now - and they are front page stuff! Gothamist's take on the show right now is that there are good parts (Summer, Julie Cooper, Peter Gallagher's eyebrows) but too many bad (Caleb's illegitimate daughter Lindsay? BORING. Kim Delaney? Yikes. And we want the old Seth Cohen back). Yet we still watch. Anyway, the Observer's Charles Taylor charts the Veronica Mars ("What feels true to this moment is a show like Veronica Mars, anchored by Kristen Bell’s portrayal of the teen sleuth as a wised-up Nancy Drew with no time for adolescent gush"). Then Rebecca Dana and Jake Brooks
talk to creator Josh Schwartz and wonder about waterskis and shark tanks. Gothamist hopes tomorrow's episode is better, but for now, we'll be concentrating on what freaky thing happens during America's Next Top Model - something about one of the girls with a contagious something or another!

The O.C. airs at 8PM on Fox. Sign the petition to save Veronica Mars. And for the best in recaps, Television Without Pity.