The Observer hits two things Gothamist loves to talk about:
- Hate of Lauren Weisberger (first item)
- Lost in Translation (third item)

Whiner of the Year, Lauren Weisberger; Photo - Doubleday; X - GothamistHowever, the LW item is about how people have second-hand schadenfreude, "the pleasure of knowing that, while Ms. Weisberger’s friends/enemies are doubtless freaking out, whipping themselves into positive froths of rationalization, self-loathing and Weisberger Weltschmerz (sadness over the evils and injustices of the world), you, not being in her immediate social circle, can analyze the information with crisp impartiality—grace, even." Grace - that's nothing Gothamist can ever be accused of. We'll just have to comfort ourselves with knowing that we are making people experience second-hand schadenfreude as a sort of unintended public service.

The Lost in Translation piece is about how magazine editors are overusing "Lost in Translation" to the degree of "sex, lies, and videotape" in articles' titles. Gothamist is guilty of using it as a title, but this predated our knowledge of the film, so we're just cutting edge, as well as graceless.