phpDhHJMtPM.jpgLast night Barack Obama made his fourth appearance on the Daily Show, this time live via satellite from Florida (where he was rallying). Jon Stewart alerted Obama to the many fears that some voters (maybe even some Flordians, gasp!) may have, saying he's been called "an elitist, a celebrity, a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. A Socialist, a Marxist, a witch." Obama joked about that particular swing state, saying he had no comment, since he's trying to win the state. The two also shared some laughs on how Obama may be conflicted when he goes to vote--Stewart said, "Your white half will all of a sudden decide, 'I can't do this.'" (Watch the full video here.) Meanwhile, John McCain was on Larry King-- see him talk about Palin and the economy, racism and the "Obama tape". And Alec Baldwin endorsed Barack on Letterman, and referred to Sarah Palin as "Bible Spice."