Steve Harvey's genial comedian persona took a controversial turn last week when he ridiculed the possibility of white or black women liking Asian men. Now, New York elected officials are demanding that the clip be retracted and that for Harvey to make a pubic apology.

On his nationally syndicated talk show, Harvey was mocking dumb self-help books, like Knitting With Dog Hair and How to Have Sex in the Woods and How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men:

Angry Asian Man describes it:

Yes, this is an actual book, written by somebody named Adam Quan and available on Amazon. Longtime readers will remember that we all laughed at it and rolled our eyes way back in 2004.

The book is moronic, and deserving of all the ridicule it has received over the years. But Harvey doesn't devote too much time making fun of the book. Instead, he sets his sights broadly on Asian men and gleefully mocks the seemingly outrageous notion that anyone, white or otherwise, would want to go out with an Asian men.

"That's one page too!" Harvey says. "'Excuse me, do you like Asian men?' No. 'Thank you.' How to Date a Black Woman: A Practical Guide [for] Asian Men. Same thing. 'You like Asian men?' I don't even like Chinese food. It don't stay with you no time... I don't eat what I can't pronounce."

Assemblyman Ron Kim said, "I found Steve Harvey’s comments offensive and disappointing. Like other recent media segments mocking minorities, this clip crossed the line. It was insulting to not only Asian Americans but women of all races. We are calling on Mr. Harvey and the show’s producers to issue an official apology for this content and remove it once and for all. As fellow Americans, I believe we have an obligation to denounce prejudiced remarks and views like these whenever and wherever they appear, and thank my colleagues in government for standing together on this issue."

Rep. Grace Meng added, "Shame on Steve Harvey for making racist jokes about Asian men. Once again, a national television personality attempts to be funny at the expense of Asian Americans. His offensive and disrespectful comments are certainly not in line with NBC Universal’s stated value of 'champion[ing] an inclusive culture,' and they only feed into the negative stereotypes about Asian Americans; depictions that the Asian American community continues to fight against. Steve Harvey must immediately apologize."

Council Member Peter Koo compared Harvey's schtick to "bullying tactics" and Council Member Margaret Chin said, "Skits like Steve Harvey's not only reinforce negative stereotypes about Asian Americans, they denigrate the contributions these hardworking Americans have made through the generations."

"As public figures, our words have far greater reach and impact on public discourse," Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou said. "Regardless of intent, Steve Harvey’s words normalize a history of discrimination and marginalization of Asian-Americans. In these divisive times, public figures should work to bridge divides instead of diminishing the relationships we have worked so hard to build. Such stereotypes harm all of our communities and have no place in our country."

Harvey hasn't commented about the bit (which ties into the racist history of making jokes about Asian men). However, there is something fitting about him meeting President-elect Donald Trump yesterday. Harvey explained, "We’re gonna team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities, which I felt was my only agenda."