NYPL publicist Nora Lyons at the photobooths. (Jonathan Blanc/NYPL)

The New York Public Library is getting into the selfie game. They've brought photobooths to their halls, available for free for anyone to use. We're told one is currently at the 42nd Street building, and another at the Mid-Manhattan Library across the street (which will soon start traveling around to other branches).

Visitors are invited to take their own photo, which will then get emailed to them and get shot over to the front page of the library's website. We're told: "People type in what they're doing at the Library, so you can also see the variety of activities taking place inside (reading, exploring, visiting, researching)"... watching porn.

And while you're there, why not get schooled on the history of photobooths? "There are books written about their legacy and artists have used them for experimentation and expression for decades. In the 1960s, Andy Warhol was seemingly obsessed with the use of photobooths, producing portraits of himself and famous faces of the era." Sure, you could do all of these things on your iPhone, but that's depressing—get out there and get some fresh air and put your hands on some ink.