The NYPD Hawk Squad (no such thing, but there should be) kicked into high gear Tuesday morning, rescuing a downed raptor from the streets of the Finacial District after it fell from the sky mid-bird fight. Concerned bystanders noticed the strange hawk behavior—it was spotted loitering outside Wellville restaurant at 10 a.m., near the corner of Front and Wall Streets—and posted about it to Twitter, tagging the NYPD, the Wild Bird Fund, and New York's Audubon chapter.

Shortly thereafter, two police officers from the 1st Precinct showed up with a spacious dog crate. When they arrived, they reportedly found the hawk gazing emptily into the distance, as if reliving the horrors of war—or more likely, the very recent moment when (witnesses say) it flew headlong into Wellville's window.

"The bird looked disoriented," Madeleine Weatherhead, who tweeted the above photo, told the NY Post. "It was staring off and wasn't even paying attention to the fact that there were people close to it."

Another witness told the NY Daily News that the hawk seemed "a little bit scared," adding, "He was super quiet." Responders corralled the red-tailed hawk into the carrier, tweeting out some mission accomplished action shots after the fact. The NYPD's Emergency Services Unit took over from there, spiriting it to safety.

The NYPD transported the hawk to the Wild Bird Fund, where attendants cleaned up her—he turned out to be a she—injuries, wrapped her in a towel like a tiny prize fighter, and named her Melanie (in honor of the officer who brought her in, Evan Mele).

Bird Fund Director Rita McMahon told the Daily News that Melanie's beak had been bloodied and her talons nicked, possibly from a bird fight, which left her mildly concussed. Apparently, these kind of brawls happen often over NYC, and usually unfold exactly as Melanie's did.

"When they fight, one bird ends victorious and the other usually smashes into a window and falls to the ground," McMahon explained. She believes that Melanie opted to stay on the sidewalk because she was safer there than in the air.

In any case, Melanie is out of harm's way and recovering nicely. We hope she gets back to savaging pigeons very soon.