The latest adventure of Brooklynite Jake Bronstein raises an interesting question. To start off, he was loaned a vehicle by a car company that he custom picked the design for (it includes pink dots, a detail that is important later on in the story). Put aside any problems you may have with the corporate shilling for a moment: the car is missing! Or is it? He explains:

The police said they didn’t tow it; their automated number said they didn’t tow it; hell, even my frequent and frantic calls to all of the city’s tow-lots all turned up the same response… “the NYPD does not have this car.” I found a meter-man who said that on occasion cars get towed. And sometimes, just sometimes, they wind up in the system with the wrong plate number. When that happens, you’re pretty much screwed because the city will say they don’t have the car… and because they won’t let you walk around the lots they tow them to, that’ll pretty much be the end of it. Forever.

Taking matters into his own hands, he headed to the Brooklyn Navy Yard towing lot with his girlfriend who managed to scale the brick wall and take one photo before the guards came running. In that photo? His pink-dotted car. The problem: the NYPD and the lot both say his car is not in their possession. During his last call this morning, after giving them the VIN#, plate number, and other assorted details, they told him they didn't have it and that "it would be impossible to take a picture of a car inside."