Responding to reports of a woman wearing a white skirt AFTER Labor Day, the NYPD vice squad and the Department of Buildings swarmed the Midtown offices of Mother PR last night after word got out that they'd be hosting Friday Night Throwdown. The fights, which have been popular for years and have acquired plenty of press for being rowdy, fashionable scenes chock full of high cheekbones, had been on an eight-month hiatus from their usual Lower East Side warehouse locations. Doesn't the NYPD understand that they've ruined a perfectly good opportunity to see male models get punched in the face?

And what kind of sick fiend would narc out this innocent gathering amongst friends before it even starts? "We politely sent out an email telling people that we were out of RSVPs," an organizer tells us, "And some asshole who didn't get one and doesn't want to go to any of the other thousand Fashion Week parties fucking called the cops. They took all of the booze too." We asked an NYPD spokesman what becomes of alcohol when it gets confiscated and were told, "Who knows? That's something we'd have to research." Yeah, every now and then we enjoy a nice cool glass of "research" and tonic too.

Proving that there may in fact be a God, Kim Kardashian's fashion event that featured Pauly D at the turntables was also busted by the cops. However our sources tell us that it was shut down for the same reason that the show of an Uzbeki dictator's daughter was shuttered: "to preserve basic human dignity."

However, the NYPD should be extra careful at the next one of its own boxing matches: it'd be a pity if the DOB somehow showed up because of an occupancy violation.