Does the NYPD need to set up a special unit to battle...Jonas Brothers fans? People is reporting that the trio has "struck fear into the hearts of New York City's finest" in anticipation of their upcoming appearance in Times Square on New Year's Eve. While the men in blue have "heroically handled terrorist attacks, blackouts and riots without a whimper"--a tween mob scene is nothing scoff at, folks. While they plan to beef up security, the mag also notes that Mother Nature may help them out with some freezing temperatures and a wintry mix--but those fans are hardcore, and we're betting a little frostbite won't stand between them and their Jonas's.

Kevin, Joe and Nick aside, the NYPD told Newsday that its New Year's Eve policing will include its "counterterrorism overlay"--spokesman Paul Browne said, "There will be countersnipers, we'll be checking for radiologic weapons and there are also biological sensors that will be deployed." Besides the many police officers on the ground, there will be bomb-sniffing dogs and police snipers on rooftops.

Newsday warns, "Revelers will have to pass through a number of checkpoints, and will be turned away if they have backpacks or large bags. Those there for the festivities can leave their spot behind police lines at any time, but will have to re-enter through a checkpoint if they return, and would likely wind up blocks away from their original spot."