2006_03_nypdcar.jpgThe British can be cutting edge with their sense of humor and style at times, but some automobile-related news makes reassures us that high school prom kids can be as kooky across the pond as they are here: Apparently being chauffeured in a NYPD cruiser is becoming very popular, because nothing says "That special night of your life during high school" like "I was arrested for [something ranging from riding my bike to killing someone] in the Big Apple"! British car rental company Frankie's Yankees owner tells the Daily News that "teenage girls just love" going to the prom in a cruiser (originally purchased for British productions of films set in New York) - and owner Frankie Lancaster and his son will dress up in NYPD uniforms while on the job; no word on whether they do a good cop-bad cop routine. Lancaster also says that British police think the Crown Vic is nicer than their rides and people who leave prison sometimes rent the NYPD cars, which is pretty brilliant. While we think the idea of going to the prom in an NYPD cruiser is goofy (a Department of Sanitation san truck is another story), we ultimately give the idea a thumbs up for Prom 2006 because we really hate the stretch SUVs.

Frankie's Yankees also offers old-fashioned NYC checker cabs for hire, which makes Gothamist think a British cab would be fun for those Anglophile prom kids who listen exclusively to Brit pop, watch too many Merchant Ivory films, or have read too much British chick lit.

Photograph from gelle_dk on Flickr