NYPD 24/7

In limbo that is summer television programming (yes, there are new shows, but what are the chances of another The O.C.?), Gothamist is excited about the documentary series, NYPD 24/7, which tracks Manhattan detectives and police officers through murder investigations, undercover stings, and terror scares - the real work that inspires shows like Law & Order and NYPD Blue. The show took 16 months to shoot, and is distilled into 7 episodes, Tuesday at 10PM. Virginia Heffernan's review in the Times today mentions that tonight's episode revolves around an East Village murder and a subway suicide attempt. Gothamist thought we remembered our good friend Jayson Haedrich working on this show from last year (we'd ask for cop stories), and we were right - Jayson shot most of tonight's episode, which features Detective Stephen Di Schiavi, whose profile says, "I may be 40. But I feel 50, 60 years old sometimes."

The Daily News had a feature about the show and its detectives on Sunday. And Jayson also worked on another great documentary about NYC police detectives: Brooklyn North, which covered the city's murder capital.