2006_05_artsnylon.gifSometimes we wonder how magazines can compete with online publications (blogs, webzines, instant reporting). Most start blogs themselves, and people still buy the issues - much for the same reason that people still buy cd's, we'd imagine. Digital can be so impersonal. Albums, cd's, magazines...they're more of an art, and a link to a past when we couldn't access every single thing online.

On that note, we just checked out Nylon Magazine's new music issue and thought that they did an amazing job at bringing their magazine online. They also kept pretty relevent with the bands they covered (well, sort of). What we really love though is how they made the entire issue available online - in a really cool format that allows you to easily flip through the pages. You can also listen to the bands on the MySpace account they created (the only problem we see there is that they added 30 Seconds to Mars to their top friends).

To the right is a spread from the issue of Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces (and Brooklyn).