Deathbowl to Downtown – The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York City will be seeping into theaters starting this summer (with a national release this fall); the film is the first to explore skateboarding’s urban history in Manhattan. Tracing "skating's epochal shift from the parks and pools of the 70's, to ramp skating in the 80's, to the street ascendancy of the 1990's as seen from a New York-centric perspective," it includes footage and interviews with pioneers from the past and those still grinding today.

Giving a full-scope look at the scene, the film also includes interviews with architects and urban planners, "who explain how a combination of municipal zoning and modern architecture lead to the most popular form of skateboarding today." Back when kids were still riding hand-cut boards, the city was mostly open game -- with no laws against skateboarding yet.

The Sevigny family is also tied to the film, with Chloë serving as narrator, and her brother Paul deejaying the release event this week.