In the Playboy Club Bunny Manual (which was unearthed recently), it states: "At all Clubs, except New York Club, Bunnies may: 1. Have their pictures taken with patrons, provided there is now physical contact whatsoever; 2. Dance with patrons at the feature dance party, provided there is no close physical contact, (twist, watusi, bugaloo, etc., are examples of acceptable dances)." So why was New York City's club so prudish? We may never know. But during our journey to find out, here are some other tidbits we came across on the city's very own bustling Bunny club, which was located at 5 East 59th Street.

  • Debbie Harry worked at the New York Playboy Club form 1968 to 1973!
  • So was Lauren Hutton, from 1963 to 1964 and feminist writer Gloria Steinem in 1963 (whose story became a movie with Kirstie Alley!)
  • Former NYC Bunny Mary Chipman says by 1971, "The club had seen better days. The clientele, they weren't really the high rollers. It wasn't really that cool to be a Playboy Bunny. It had been glamorous 10 years before, but it wasn't so much at that point."
  • Check out the glory days in this Mad Men clip.
  • At one time there were 25,000 Bunnies and over a million Keyholders.
  • Keyholders received a physical key which had the Playboy rabbit head logo on it.
  • The Bunnies now all hang out right here.

Many more photos of the New York club can be found here.