Modern movie theaters resemble restaurants and living rooms more and more these days, and the newest one to drop in NYC will even give you a blanket for your movie viewing comfort. Nope, not a convenient vehicle for bed bugs, seriously promise! Tonight, iPic Theaters debuts their first NYC location down at the Seaport, offering different "classes" of seating plus food and booze inside the theater. They even show movies, too!

The schlubs stuck in "Premium" get either a non-reclining boring movie chair or a chaise longue-style seat—only sold in pairs—and must fetch their own food and beverage at the "iPic Express Counter" before the show starts. These seats still cost $20.

The high rollers in "Premium Plus" get the full-service treatment with reclining, padded chairs, a pillow and that blanket. They also have their (pre-ordered) food and drink delivered to their table by a server plus as much popcorn as they care to eat. These seats cost $20 plus an additional VIP Fee. That's $32...for a movie. (Nitehawk Cinema's tickets are $12, for comparison.)

The Post says that the cinema will only serve "quiet food", which seems to indicate lots of finger foods, according to press materials. Pizzas, sliders, fried appetizers and charcuterie, things of that nature, plus a full bar.

iPic bills itself as "the ultimate night out." Stay tuned for our review next week.