2005_10_moscowcats.jpgThere's this print onlyarticle in the business section of the NY Times about how promoters tried to bring audiences to the Moscow Cats Theatre at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. HHC Marketing decided to target "veterinarians not as mere ringworm treaters, but as cultural power brokers," sending over fifty select Manhattan vets free tickets and fliers to start the word of mouth, not to mention sending tickets to pediatricians. This must be why when Gothamist attempted to order tickets, most of the shows were sold out! Luckily, we persisted and will be seeing the third to last performance on October 29, right next to the kids and their parents (we'll be the big kids); we are, of course, concerned that the cats will be tired. Anyway, in rethinking the paradigm of getting the words out about performing cats for next year, might we suggest that HHC Marketing consider getting the word out to bloggers?

Has anyone seen the Moscow Cats Theatre yet? Tell us!