2007_02_arts_jasontakesmanhattan.jpgJust in time for Valentine's Day, The Daily News has created, what they call, a list of NYC's 100 Most Romantic Movies. Movies that capture what it is like to "live and love here". One problem: the list needs to be edited.

It appears they have just listed every movie they could think of that took place in New York and somehow involved love (or lust). For example: Coyote Ugly should not be on a list of New York City's most romantic movies just because it contains a scene in which two people make out...on a roof...in New York. And Miracle on 34th Street? Yeah, that's a Christmas movie before anything else. The Cruise? The only romance there is between speed and the city.

Along their lines of thinking, we'd like to submit the following films for next years list: Just My Luck, Gangs of New York, Birth (Nicole Kidman + 10 year old boy that she thinks is her husband), New York Minute, Jason Takes Manhattan.

Movies that could have taken the place of, say, Two Weeks Notice, in the current list: The Way We Were, Sidewalks of New York, Unfaithful, The Royal Tenenbaums, 13 Going on 30, Last Days of Disco, Igby Goes Down, 200 Cigarettes, Vanilla Sky...