This year's NYC LGBT Pride March will feature grand marshals representing what the parade's organizers hope "will ultimately be a successful resistance movement." The grand marshals are NYC's first openly transgender firefighter Brooke Guinan; Krishna Stone, Community Relations Director at Gay Men’s Health Crisis; Geng Le, an LGBT rights activist in China; and the ACLU. Now, the NYCLU has announced it's also joining the ACLU as a joint grand marshal.

"The threat to LGBTQ rights under the Trump regime gives Pride an especially profound meaning this year," said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. "LGBTQ New Yorkers have a proud legacy of resistance stretching back even before the Stonewall riots, and the NYCLU stands firmly with the LGBTQ community against the threats we face today. We are honored to serve as a grand marshal for today's march and are committed to serving the cause as long as it takes."

The ACLU LGBT & HIV Project director James Esseks added, "The election of Donald Trump has brought with it a new wave of targeted discrimination against the LGBT community, particularly the immigrants, people of color, and women among us. Now is a time for resistance and resilience. We're proud to march as grand marshal alongside so many other brave advocates fighting for the rights and dignity of our vibrant community."

Joining the NYCLU and ACLU on its parade vehicle will be Gavin Grimm, the Virginian teen who sued his county school board to use the boy's restroom. Grimm said, "We know that these attempts to expel transgender people from restrooms are really a part of a larger effort to expel us from public life altogether. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we march together and remind the world that the LGBT community is here and we’re not retreating from this fight."

The march starts at noon this Sunday, June 25th, kicking off at 5th Avenue and 36th Street, and winding its way to Greenwich Village.