Graduate students at Columbia Unversity's School of Journalism have put together the fifth issue of NYC 24, which documents 24 hours in the life of New York. It's a rich look at what a couple different people did on April 18, 2004 - whether it's going to a club, checking out a street fair, or marking Holocaust Remembrance Day (be sure to check out the audio, video, and slideshows that accompany stories). A project to harness students' understanding of online journalism, not to mention down-and-dirty local interest reporting, executive editor Jennifer Esty says, "We learned an incredible amount about both online journalism and New York City." Online journalism aside, that's one of the things Gothamist likes about our site - we get to learn about New York City, not to mention other things, every day.

One interesting feature of NYC 24 was Lane Johnson's photoblog of 24 hours (picture, above) in New York City; Johnson ambled along, asking people if he could tag along and take pictures of them as they went on their merry way. Needing to take pictures throughout the day poses some new questions besides the ones we've had about taking pictures for blogs - like finding subjects, figuring out how many pictures one should publish, etc.

Last year, NYC 24 covered The Other Islands of New York (think City, Randall's and the like), and the year before that, The Empire State Building.