Earlier this week, a 6-month old wallaby named Howie took up residence at the Bronx Zoo. His previous owner, a woman from the Bronx who claimed the animal was a gift, said his 15-pound frame was too big for her apartment, according to ABC7. She passed him off to Animal Care Centers of New York City, and now Howie will go down in history as the organization’s first wallaby.

Animal Care Centers has since bequeathed Howie to the Bronx Zoo—a more fitting environment for this little dude, obviously, than a NYC apartment unit. Per Zoo Law, Howie will be quarantined for the next 30 days, as zoo staff monitors him, and then will be introduced to the Zoo's other other marsupials.

In a statement, the Bronx Zoo explained why staff felt inclined to adopt the poor guy: “The Bronx Zoo considered this situation to be an animal welfare issue and agreed to take the wallaby because it has the resources and expertise to provide for the animal’s needs. The situation with this animal is a classic example of why exotic animals do not make good pets.”

Housing a wallaby is illegal in New York City, by the way—you can find a full list of illegal pets here, in case you're considering a gila monster or an emu for a housewarming gift.