Recently, after a show we co-sponsored at CBGB's, we mentioned the payment at the end of the night was a bit unfair ($25 to pay three bands with). We have worked with a few venues here in New York and have had great experiences (The Knitting Factory and Tonic, to name a couple), so when something like this happens it's a surprise. Non-payment, over/double-booking, not following through with promises...these things do not a good venue make.

It seems The Annex has now stiffed some bloggers for a show they put on last night. This time, no one saw any money (except the venue). From The Underrated Blog:

We were all having fun…until it came time to pay the bands. Now, I've been in the situation where I've djed before and gotten little to no money. I'm totally fine with that; I'd dj for drink tickets and free entrance into a show. But I will not stand for letting bands go home empty handed. So I tried to get compensation for djing, which we were promised, so I could then hand that over to the bands. But apparently four and a half hours of djing isn’t enough to be recognized.

There were people there. In fact by the time Levy went on, we had a good crowd. Explain to me how a venue can sleep at night knowing that every single person who did anything productive to give you a fun night gets jipped? I was furious. I felt incredibly guilty. It costs bands money even to get to the venue, let alone play. And somehow by me asking them to play, they were losing money.

Any more venue horror stories out there? We've got one more but we're gonna keep quiet on that for a while.