Bedbug history and square-footage is important, but the most crucial aspect of choosing an apartment is its proximity to celebrities. The closer the better, as you never know how much a few fingernail clippings or an old band-aid will fetch at auction. Thankfully, the apartment rental search Rentenna has compiled a star map of Manhattan's neighborhoods. Ooh! How long will it be until we start seeing John Mayer and Dakota Fanning canoodling in DeSalvio Playground?*

While surely this isn't the most exhaustive list (where's Usher?) there is a definite concentration of celebrities downtown and near Central Park, while Midtown is dead, except for um, "celebrity" American Idol winner Katharine McPhee. Also: Lady Gaga no longer resides in the Lower East Side, and David Schwimmer's East Village home doesn't even exist yet. Brooklyn gets a tiny addendum but no DUMBO love?

Anyone wishing to deliver a Ghostbusters III script to Bill Murray has to hike all the way to East 96th Street so it'd better be good.

*This will precipitate the End of Days