The Guggenheim has just unveiled a playful exhibit, titled A Year with Children 2009: Selected Works from Learning Through Art—an exhibition organized by the Sackler Center for Arts Education that will be on view through August 9th. The exhibit shows the works of 2nd through 6th grade students hailing from 16 different NYC public schools. We're told, "These schools have participated in Learning Through Art (LTA), a 39-year-old pioneering arts education program of the Guggenheim Museum, during the 2008-09 school year. Approximately 200 colorful and imaginative works will be on display, including prints, paintings, sculptures, mobiles, and more."

One student, 8-year old Gabrielle Sevillano from P.S. 58 in Brooklyn, told the Daily News she didn't feel "as famous as Mozart or Picasso. But imagine you're only a kid, and your art is actually in the museum. I just find it overwhelming." Adorably, she found her artistic muse in her pet hampster, Furry.