New Yorker and Polaroid appreciator, Joe Howansky, has started a project to commemorate the soon-to-be-extinct Polaroid film, while simultaneously connecting with strangers through the medium. He explains:

I will send you a Polaroid of anything anywhere in New York City. I don’t already have these stocked up - each one will be taken just for you. You will have the only copy in the entire world of a picture that was taken by someone else for you and you alone. That means way more than any other medium or method of exchange - there is a solitary, tangible record of a single moment in time shared by two strangers.

Some of the options include: The house that served as George Costanza’s parent’s house on Seinfeld, A Yankees game from inside Yankee Staduim, The building on the cover of Led Zepplin’s Physical Graffiti, Someone holding a sign with your name on it in Times Square and an elusive "secret place" described as "a really cool place I haven’t met anyone else who knows about it, not even people who live in its vicinity." Prices vary depending on the location (money goes towards transportation, tickets, etc.), but for just 15 bucks you can find out about this secret spot! The below photos are from Howansky's personal collection, all taken in the city.