Inspired by Very Small Array's map of the United States of Autocomplete, we took a look over the weekend at what the top autocomplete searches were by city borough. However, considering how many individual neighborhoods are basically cities within the city, we decided to look further and make a map of our own (at least of an incomplete Manhattan, PhotoShop only gives you so much room). Here are a few of our favorite neighborhoods, as completed by Google this afternoon:

  • East Village Radio
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Lower East Side Bars
  • Harlem Hospital
  • Bed-Stuy YMCA
  • Brooklyn Heights Cinema
  • Astoria Federal Savings
  • Soho House
  • Bay Ridge Honda
  • Jackson Heights Halloween Parade
  • Tribeca Grill
  • Pelham Parkway Trees
  • Shore Acres Yacht Club
  • Rossville Marine Graveyard
  • Chinatown Bus

Sorry "Chinatown Brasserie," you just could compete with a $10 bus to Boston, complete with a Roy Rogers stop. What comes up when you type in your neighborhood?