No way that whole duck would have fit in frame without the stick. (Getty)

The selfie stick is a metal rod that attaches to your iPhone and, via the magic of bluetooth, will help you snap a selfie from a better vantage point or distance. Some assistant professor in Ohio thinks that only psychopaths use them but that is crazy. What isn't crazy is that some museums are banning the sticks, with MoMA being first here in New York.

The museum has never permitted visitors to use additional equipment or devices other than handheld cameras, so this ban falls in line with their past restrictions. Regarding the sticks, a rep for MoMA told us:

"MoMA's policy is that visitors may use handheld devices only. For the safety of our visitors and the Museum's works of art, we don't permit visitors to take photos with any camera-extension devices."

No one wants to see Marina Abramovic get poked in the eye, or a precious Warhol ripped in half.

We reached out to the Met (where they're considering a ban), and also to the Guggenheim, Frick, and New Museum to find out if they are banning the sticks. We'll update when we have more information on which of the city's greatest cultural institutions will allow you to feed your narcissism.

UPDATE: The Guggenheim also does not allow them, they tell us, "Photography is not permitted beyond the rotunda floor and the museum does not allow the use of selfie sticks."

The Frick also doesn't allow selfie sticks. You guys, this whole thing has made The Frick put the words "selfie stick" on their website :(