The QMA gave the Brooklyn Museum a new flag on their panorama

It looks like the Queens Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum are battling it out... on Twitter! It's impossible to say who is winning this publicity stunt war, but the Queens folk had a pretty good burn, posting the above pic and saying they found the Brooklyn Museum on their panorama.

Of course, the real battle will go down this Thursday, when artist Duke Riley gives the city's art dignitaries "baguette swords and watermelon cannon balls" in order to fight it out in "a flooded World's Fair-era-reflecting pool in Flushing Meadows Corona Park." The artist has constructed vessels and a fitting atmosphere in which to stage a gladiator-style battle between the museums (the Queens Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and El Museo del Barrrio are all involved). Yep, even Manhattan is getting their hands dirty; Rebecca Goyette, of the Museum of Modern Art, has been assigned to play Caligula’s wife, and told the WSJ that she won't mind getting splattered with fake blood. In fact, she told them: “I want to fight.”

Spectators: you are encouraged to wear togas!