A new addition to Mayor Bloomberg's press conferences: Someone to add a drum flourish to his jokes, so reporters know to laugh, instead of laughing at the Mayor all the time!

The drummer was really there to help the Mayor announce the first New York Comedy Festival this November. Over 50 comedians will perform at a number of NY venues, from small clubs to Madison Square Garden. NY1 reports that 15,000 tickets will be offered to the public, for an expected revenue of $18 million. The Mayor said, "“If you like to make people laugh, New York is the comedy peak you've just got to climb. And that's because whatever your profession or art, this is the place that attracts the best and the brightest.” And Gothamist agrees.

A great NY comedy event on Mondays: Eating It. And a NY few comedians we love: Eugene Mirman, Jon Benjamin, Demetri Martin, Andy Blitz, Jessi Klein, anyone from Upright Citizens Brigade, and Todd Barry.