Photo courtesy of the Mayor's Office

Currently there are a record 23 shows being filmed in New York City, the Mayor announced this morning from Steiner Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He also announced at the press conference that the industry currently employs 100,000 people from across the five boroughs and contributes $5 billion to the economy. So maybe think about that the next time Will Smith's giant trailer is in your bike lane?

Bloomberg declared, “Thousands of New Yorkers are hard at work building sets, making costumes and scouting locations for the record 23 new and returning TV shows that film here. A show like Pan Am employs 400 people behind the scenes and generates activity for our local economy at places like lumberyards, fabric stores and coffee shops." Pan Am is one of the eight new primtetime shows that just moved to town. On top of that, there are 140 news programs, talk shows and reality series filming (you can always see what's on location, here). Bonus: we've got Ryan Gosling walking around stopping street fights, and Alexander Skarsgard walking around, you know, lookin' good.

Since a lot of the productions are being filmed in Brooklyn, you know Marty Markowitz had something to say. He noted, "there has never been a more exciting time for television production in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. So when you get tired of La La land come to Brooklyn—or as I call it Hollywood East."