On February 6th, 1974, the impeachment process against Richard Nixon was formally initiated, and Freda Reiter was on hand for ABC-TV's coverage of the event as a courtroom sketch artist. She captured the events leading up to the process, starting with the Watergate hearings in 1973, and continued to provide visual recreations — from listening to Nixon’s tape-recorded conversations, to the moment the president shed a tear as he signed his resignation letter in 1974. That sketch, titled "Alone in the Oval Office," is one of the 24 that are now for sale through Gallery98.

The gallery notes that "Watergate marked a high point for the practice of courtroom illustration, which would decline as US courtrooms began to permit cameras, [and] Reiter was one of the best artists covering the story... her excellent portraits and courtroom scenes captured the drama of the moment with carefully observed gestures and evocative bursts of color." Nixon's downfall received an unprecedented amount of media coverage, of course, and Reiter was there throughout with her sketchpad and pastels.

The sketches range in price from $1,500 to $2,800, and you can see them all here. Below, check out ABC's coverage of Nixon's resignation: