Between the lifting of restrictions, the return of social life, and the fact that Mayor Bill de Blasio has smiled more in the last month than during the entirety of his mayoralty, it's looking like the "Summer of New York City" is really coming together. But the city needs a signature event to really elevate this, and today we learned that the centerpiece of the comeback, one to really mark the moment, is coming in the form of a massive concert in Central Park this August.

The mayor announced today that the city will have a week-long reopening celebration, called "Homecoming Week," and the working title for the concert event is: “The Official NYC Homecoming Concert in Central Park.” It will all go down sometime in August.

"We have a big announcement about a citywide celebration of New York City, a citywide moment to declare NYC is back, a homecoming for NYC, where New Yorkers come out together to celebrate and support our city, where folks from all over the metropolitan region come back to their roots in this city," de Blasio said during his morning press briefing on Monday. "This is going to be an amazing, memorable, once in a lifetime week in NYC."

De Blasio credited restaurateur Danny Meyer, who has been serving as chair of the NYC Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, with coming up with the idea for the celebratory week. While there were few details available about the concert, de Blasio did confirm that 89-year-old music industry legend and impresario Clive Davis is helping to organize the show.

According to the NY Times, Davis is hoping to book eight “iconic” stars to perform a three-hour show for 60,000 attendees (which will also be shown on TV). The tentative date is August 21st, though de Blasio wouldn't confirm that at the press conference. There's no indication who the artists performing may be, but he did note that he told Davis he wanted "the biggest, most extraordinary all-star lineup you can put together, heavy on New York artists."

Diana Ross, in a sequined red catsuit, sings on a stage in Central Park

Diana Ross at her famous Central Park concert in 1983

Diana Ross at her famous Central Park concert in 1983
Ron Frehm/AP/Shutterstock

“I can’t think of a better place than the Great Lawn of Central Park to be the place where you say that New York is reopening,” Davis told the Times.

There will be plenty of other events all over the city as part of the homecoming week as well.

"My heart's in Brooklyn, where I come from, my heart's in all the boroughs," de Blasio said. "This focal point is in Central Park because that is obviously an iconic location, and a place where we can put together an amazing, huge concert to celebrate our rebirth. But there will be major activities in all five boroughs. I want to be clear: more details to come, but this is very much a five borough vision of a homecoming week."

Central Park has indeed been the setting of many iconic concerts, from Simon and Garfunkel's "Concert for Central Park" to raise money for the park in 1981 to Diana Ross's unforgettable performance in a rainstorm with lightning on July 21st, 1983. And when Garth Brooks performed on August 7th, 1997 in what might be one of the park's biggest shows (estimates range from 750,000 to a million spectators), he brought Billy Joel to sing "New York State of Mind."