Last December

New York-based DJ Jonathan Toubin was injured in a freak accident while visiting Portland, Oregon. Toubin was asleep in his hotel room when a cab crashed through the wall and pinned him beneath the vehicle. He was in critical condition at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland—with fractures in his skull base, pelvis, collarbones, ribs, sternum, and many internal injuries including a punctured liver and crushed lungs; since the accident, benefits have been thrown for him. Now the New York Night Train DJ has spoken for the first time, to Rolling Stone.

So the night before the accident, you stayed in and went to bed. What happened next?

I woke up a month later. There were some friends and family there, and I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t even know what year if was. Everyone had to explain it to me, and it was kind of unbelievable. I was really horrified at first—the thing is that when they woke me up, they weren’t sure how long I was gonna be there and didn’t know how normal I was gonna be. Turns out things are gonna be a lot better than they thought, so that’s good. But the first thing that happened when I woke up in the hospital was like, I gotta get out of this place. They showed me some of the news articles and, wow. Some were depressing, but there have been a couple about what people have been doing for me, which really, I’m just bowled over that anyone went to any trouble.

You can read the full interview here, where Toubin also talks about getting his hands to work again, the long road ahead (he should be back in New York in a few months), and the overwhelming outpour of well wishes he's received.