It will, at some point, presumably be warm enough to go enjoy a day at the beach without bringing a light sweater or sweatshirt. The good news is you've got plenty of options when it comes to what beach to go to. The bad news is that one of the options that you had to get to the beach has just melted away, like so many castles made of sand, as the NYC Beach Bus announced they wouldn't be operating this summer.

The Beach Bus website currently has a message from the service's proprietors informing beach-thirsty travelers that sadly, there will be no open pickup shuttle service. The somewhat good news is that if you want to book them for a private shuttle, they'll still take you to the beach. The message from the Beach Bus owners say that "like most seasonal business, we've dealt with tightened regulations and other unique challenges that have made it difficult to operate. So, in the interest of growing out service, we have decided to not run the NYC Beach Bus this summer."

As of press time, the owners of the Beach Bus hasn't responded to a request for comment.

But, this means no more making new friends on the bus and no more hurriedly and hungover picking up beer at the bodega while you really hope the bus doesn't leave without you. Still, if you want to get to Rockaway, don't forget you can take that new ferry, the shuttle train from the Rockaway Blvd A stop this summer on weekends, and you can always ride your bike. It never fails to feel wonderful to jump in the ocean after a 10 or 15 mile bike ride.