All good things must come to an end, even for NYC bartenders who like to make silly faces at the camera. Austin Tyler Rogers' Jeopardy! winning streak came to an end last night after 12 consecutive wins. He is tied for fifth in most consecutive games won (12), third in all time single game winnings ($69K), and fifth in all-time regular season winnings ($411K). It was a fun ride while it lasted, but Rogers must go back to making silly faces in real life while bartending at at The Gaf West. At least we'll always have the "mime-able moments."

But wait! The 38-year-old Westchester native, who brought the terrible word "quirky" back to life, has been making the rounds of late night shows in the wake of his Jeopardy! stardom. Here he is palling around with old friend/patron Jimmy Fallon, who was—shockingly—super enthusiastic about seeing his old bartender again.

James Corden also devoted a segment to Rogers, saying he has become obsessed with "his new bae." As Corden put it, "This man, he simultaneously looks like a homeless man trying to dress up like a rich person and a rich person trying to dress up like a homeless person. He looks like a teddy bear at a job interview. He looks like a sommelier at a food truck."

Because time truly is a flat circle nowadays, Rogers will return to the show to compete in the two-week Jeopardy! tournament of champions starting November 6th.