2007_03_arts_dictators.jpgThe Dictators 1978 album Bloodbrothers was shot by Chris Colln in a New York City school yard. The front is shown at right, the back can be seen here.

The New York punk band is said to have taken "booze, testosterone and attitude (all attributes necessary to survive in the NY scene)" to a "legendary" status. Even Bruce Springsteen is a huge fan, and can be heard counting "1-2-1-2-3-4" during the album's opening track, "Faster and Louder."

From the Album Cover Art Gallery:

"The cover photos take us back to a much more simple time. It's a time when a "gang" hung around the school yard drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and if they was to "rumble" a chain and a switchblade were the weapons of choice. Now it's crack out in back of the liquor store and an AK-47 if you happen to wear the wrong color or flip off the wrong guy. Who'da thought "juvenile delinquent" would end up being nostalgically cute."

Anyone know what schoolyard this was shot in?