2006_04_arts_pg.jpgWith tapes, cd's and now digital music...the art of the album cover has sadly gone ignored. We used to have a small stack of albums, some of which had covers shot here in New York. Our favorite of those: Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album (at right, photographed by BP Fallon).

The cover shows two buildings, located at 97 St. Mark's Place. The original album jacket included die-cut windows in the building shown on the cover and inner sleeves with different variations of that, with objects and people in the windows. We think it would be pretty cool if the people who lived there would recreate the album cover by putting the photos (or the letters) in their windows. The buildings haven't changed much since the cover was shot 31 years ago. There is, however, now a thrift store located in one of them called, what else, Physical Graffiti.

If you head over there, you might get a little confused. The building is 5 stories high, but on the cover...the building has only 4 stories. The 4th floor was actually taken out to fit the square jacket.

We're gonna go buy some vinyl now...