Get ready for more NYC Album Art posts, in the meantime, check out some non-digital photos at the Morrison Hotel Gallery. The gallery recently had an event at the Apple Store with rock photographer legend Joel Brodsky. He shot the Strange Days album cover we wrote about. At the event he shared his work and the stories behind it.

Brodsky has recalled of the Morrison shoot, "The shot on the inner sleeve of the Greatest Hitsalbum was pretty near the end, I think. By that time, Morrison was so drunk he was stumbling into the lights and we had to stop the session. He wasn't a wild drunk --- actually he was kind of quiet -- but his equilibrium wasn't too terrific. Still, he was great to photograph because he had a very interesting look."

This is referring to his best known work that can be found on the cover of "Best of The Doors" from 1985 (originally shot at the "Young Lion" shoot in 1967). Brodsky opened his first New York studio in 1966 and photographed The Doors in just his fourth professional session. Some of his other cover credit includes Strange Days (1967), The Soft Parade (1969), and An American Prayer (1978).

The Morrison Hotel Gallery also includes photographs by other legends: Barrie Wentzel, Mick Rock and Bob Gruen. Which reminds us, Punk: Attitude has been airing on IFC a lot this month, check it out if you can. It's a great detailed documentary on the Punk scene - focusing on New York.