Every so often we get to revisit our old NYC Album Art series, and today, Foghat is bringing us back. This Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation blog notes that the British rock band's fifth album, 1975′s Fool for the City, was shot outside of their offices on East 11th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues (specifically, outside of 232 East 11th Street). They write:

One of the great things about album covers shots of the neighborhood is their ability to show what has, or hasn’t, changed over the years. While the East Village has changed a lot over the intervening thirty-six years, not a lot has changed, physically at least, on our block, as evidenced by this image (though I must say that in nearly ten years working here, I have never seen anyone fishing out of the manhole on 11th Street).

Being the Society for Historic Preservation, they also offer up a pretty detailed timeline on what has changed. Now, let's plan a manhole fishing trip while we all get this song stuck in our heads: