In 2007 we dusted off some album covers that featured city-centric artwork, in a series we called NYC Album Art... but it looks like we missed a couple! Ephemeral NY has a list of more album art today, including Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic cover, and Simon and Garfunkel's first album.

The latter was shot around 1964 at the 53rd Street subway station (check out that trash can!). The site notes, "Art Garfunkel has said that they took hundreds of shots on the platform before finally getting the right one." At a concert once, Simon explained, "See how mad we look, how angry? We were there for about a half-hour, taking all these pictures. And after we finished them, we looked and right behind us in very clear print was: 'F*ck You’... we immediately told Columbia Records that this was exactly what we wanted on the cover of the LP.”

Over to Steely Dan—their cover for Pretzel Logic was shot in 1974 just inside Central Park off of 5th Avenue. That’s a real pretzel vendor, and the Post has some more info on the photo shoot. Donald Fagen told them it was Walter Becker's idea to feature a New York photo on the album cover, saying, “We were living out in LA, and I guess we were homesick." Photographer Raeanne Robinson photographed 13 pretzel vendors in one day, and Fagen says, “That particular vendor had the joi de vivre we were after. And he was the most creative speller.”

What other albums have featured New York City shots on their covers (besides all of these)?