Tonight NY1 reporter Roger Clark will host the 6th Annual Doorman and Doorwoman Awards (also known as the Building Service Workers of the Year Awards) in Manhattan. Guests will include State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and during the ceremony special distinctions will go to workers like Victor Reyes—who is winning the Lifesaver Award after talking a man down from jumping off the George Washington Bridge! In advance of his big hosting duties, we asked Clark for some of his own favorite things about the doormen he's had in his life:

5. I always like when my doorman lets us know when we have a package as we enter the building. It's a nice personalized touch.

4. My doormen are great the way they acknowledge our twenty-month old son. They always say "Hi Jack" when he comes through the lobby. I always appreciate that.

3. It's cool when the doorman looks out for the tenants. I leave pretty early in the morning and it's good to know they are watching when I am waiting outside for a cab. I'm fine getting the cab myself, but if a doorman helps that's an extra added bonus.

2. My doormen when I was a kid in Queens were like part of the family. My grandmother would always have us bring food or desserts down on holidays. I always liked that relationship.

1. The most basic thing I think is just being friendly. I like being on a first name basis with my doormen. It really adds to the experience of living in a building.