Hey New York, you may be clearing out the fridge for beer and hot dogs in preparation for our nation's birthday, but let's not forget about America's hat, eh? Today is Canada Day, and we asked everyone's favorite anchor, Pat's Papers and NY1's Pat Kiernan, for some tips on how we could all celebrate his native country.

Pat Kiernan’s 5 Tips for New Yorkers to celebrate Canada Day

1. Get in the car immediately and drive fast. Fireworks in the Old Port area of Montreal start at about 9:15 pm. You can be there in about 5 hours if traffic cooperates.

2. Visit the Empire State Building tonight. (Or just look up and sing “O Canada.”) The tower will be lit in red and white to honour (note Canadian spelling) Canada.

3. Take in the “Great Canadian Songbook” event at Joe’s Pub tonight. The website says the repertoire ranges from “Cohen to Cockburn, Joni to Gino, Lightfoot to Lighthouse, Nellie to Neil, Rufus to Raffi.”

4. Get ready for donuts. Visit the Times Square Cold Stone Creamery store to familiarize yourself a location that is soon to take on great Canadian significance. In August, Cold Stone will start sharing its space with Canadian donut mecca Tim Horton’s. This will be the NYC debut of Timmy’s. (Wear sunglasses at night while walking past Broadway lights for additional Canadian content points.)

5. Enjoy poutine, the beloved French-Canadian dish. It’s cheese curds, gravy and fries. Don’t ask me why it’s beloved. But many others love it. Sheep Station in Park Slope has become a destination for New York City poutine fans.

And since Canadians are so nice, he wants to give you a gift! Take a look back at #3, Pat tells us "I’ll find a Canadian prize of some sort for the first American to tweet me with the full names implied in that quote." Go, go, go!